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Everyone is different, but we are all the same

New work during the time of the Pandemic

As is my custom, I began a new series of paintings and drawings shortly after the New Years' holiday 2020. By early March of 2020, the world had been turned upside down by a global pandemic we now know as Covid-19. I have continued my work every day in my studio, and have allowed my paintings to evolve within the context of my reactions to the pandemic. I have been surprised to see how colorful the paintings have become.

The new paintings are derived from my 2019 installation at The Georgia Museum of Art, which was on exhibit from May until October, 2019. "Language Without Words: The Power of Color as Form" was largely concerned with Color Field Theory and the art of Josef Albers.

Recently, I decided to experiment with these hundreds of known colors and braid them into an organic fabric of color combinations and tones and shades of the evolving hues. This project has kept me engaged during these past months and has kept me experimenting with endless opportunity. And, in a way, this work has kept me hopeful and helped me through this time of uncertainty, fearfulness and tragedy.

These are not paintings of gloom and foreboding. I hope that they will be seen as paintings of possibilities and optimism. I have tried to hear the "Language of Color" on a unique frequency, with the motion of splashes and strokes enhancing the form of the color.

Of course, this new series continues on with the trajectory of the pandemic. There will yet and still be more months of uncertainty to come, but I like to think that we can see the "light at the end of the tunnel," and so I continue with this series until we are safe again.

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